Creative Co-existence During Social Distancing

In light of the current Covid-19 crisis & overall lockdown, we wish to bring together the Yoga Community through Digital Art. We aim to support those in need by creating unique artwork known as Nadi

Nadi is one of a kind experiment which aims to highlight the practice of ancient disciplines with modern means. It explores kinetics of body involved in the sequence of Yoga.

Let's stay home, keep our practice on and show support by generating your Nadi forms.

We offer three different visual styles

Black and White Style
Color Mask Style
Photo Mask Style
An artistic, aesthetic & unique waveform representation of body movements through the practice of Yoga. We have three themes which can be generated from your videos. Let's explore the wondrous forms of Yoga together and support us for the cause to fight the flu. You can do that by uploading your video and generating Nadi form which you further repost with #StayHomeAndMakeYourNadiflow #timeblurIndia #Covid
Generate your own Nadi
STEP 1: Record and Upload your Video
We would need a Side view of your Practice, and preferably a 3-5 minute long recording
STEP 2: Our team processes it and generates art
Our team takes 24 hours to send you your Nadi form
STEP 3: You receive your Nadiflow
After receiving your Nadi form, you can donate and repost it to your friends
Let's get you started !!
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Nadi is a Virtual Yoga Assistance for your Home practice

Through its motion tracking software, Nadi allows its users to create unique yoga art. Timeblur Studio invites you to test our service LIVE for the first time and become a part of our Creative Yoga Community.

By bringing our users Live, our bigger goal is to have our Creative Yoga Community experience one of a kind Virtual Yoga Assistance. With this platform, we aim to help teachers correct the postures of students remotely and assist them in the practice better. Students get a guided yoga session with a dashboard of their daily practice. To experience our Beta version, sign up this form

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